harvest time

3 Jul

It’s been a busy few weeks with work and family life filling up most of my waking day. Somehow though I have managed to squeeze in at least 4 hours plot time each week.

Partly helped by the fact that even though I am working five days a week, two of these days are at home in my freelance capacity so if I decide to go to the plot to do some watering I can.

I went there today, the grass needs cutting once more but I busied myself with watering and harvesting. Enjoying picking all the fiddly blackcurrants I could reach. Taking my time not to get scratched as I picked the biggest crop of raspberries so far.

Harvesting, like weeding and watering, requires time and energy. Not only do you need to pick what you have grown, you need to pick off leaves, wipe off mud and bugs, carry it home and wash it and then work out exactly what to do with half a carrier bag of broad beans.

It all takes time hence why I try to grow what we frequently use – salad, courgettes, potatoes. Low maintenance no brainers is what I need right now.

Having said that though I am now about to google how to make blackcurrant cordial and also will do some nice but rather high maintenance salad thing with the broad beans which involves blanching and then peeling them.


Addendum: I didn’t make cordial, opting instead to make knicker bocker glories with home made raspberry sauce.

20170703_180542 (1)


One Response to “harvest time”

  1. gillridge July 4, 2017 at 11:11 am #

    Oh your crops look delicious. Hope I might get a chance to try the blackcurrant cordial! xx

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