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spring growth

16 Mar

The year marches on at an alarming rate, as does my life. In a week’s time it will be another birthday that edges me further away from the last significant birthday (the big four oh), bringing me ever closer to the next significant one (half a century, gulp!). But I guess I have a few years yet before I need worry myself with that one. Young or old I have never been a huge celebrator of birthdays. The passing of time doesn’t thrill me that much and yet it should do, given the alternative.

I do love the beginning of spring though, which is of itself a passing of time. And celebrating the arrival of spring has been so much more marked since taking on an allotment.

I managed a brief visit there today, prompted in part by meeting a friend last night who asked how the plot was to which I shrugged and said I rarely have the time these days. Interestingly she asked about my plot before asking about the kids or the hubby.

Bored of rarely having the time I have been there twice this week. I plan to continue doing that for as long as I can. For the next few weeks at least. Even if I only do forty minutes weeding like I did on Monday or forty minutes strimming like I did today, little and often is the way forward.

Yes I run the gauntlet of the old boys down there who make sly comments such as ‘going home already’ and ‘that was quick’ to which I learn to hold my tongue rather than saying grumpily ‘yes some of us have a life and a job to go to,’ because grumpiness doesn’t get you very far at the end of the day. Instead I smile sweetly and bid them goodbye, pleased i have managed to squeeze in even an hour there. An hour can be such a treat on a sunny spring like day, with the trees covered in buds and new growth in abundance.

On Monday I was greeted by the sight of the shed, battered and bruised by Doris – its plastic window had finally broken free of its frame. By some miracle all of my stuff was still exactly where I had left it. A plot neighbour passed by and said he was planning on fixing it for me. I popped it back in its frame and used gaffa tape to hold it place.

Arrival today saw the window just about hanging by a thread so this time I used some stakes to secure it into its frame. Its a short term solution, at the weekend the hubby has promised to sort it out, secure our shed and return it back to its former glory.

When I first took on the plot losing that shed was the thing that worried me most but now I don’t find myself thinking worst case scenarios anymore and adopting an attitude of acceptance for whatever may be.So perhaps there are plenty of good reasons to celebrate the passing of time after all.