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16 May

Years ago there was a comedy character whose punchline was ‘you don’t want to do it like that, you want to do it like this.’ I have always had an issue with old men telling me how to do things and recently with driving lessons and the plot, I have had more opportunity than usual to explore this aversion.

I have to say as a learning journey it has been steep. Nine times out of ten I just ignore the advice thrown my way and tread my dogged path of lasagna gardening, no dig plot keeping and pesticide free veggie production.

On this occasion I have to bow to superior knowledge and say that my elder plot neighbour who declared I was brave to put my tomatoes out so early was right. After his words had rung true on Thursday I had drunk my way through 2 litres of fizzy water (and managed to self sabotage my first ever gong bath sound meditation into the process. How was it? Well nothing is ever relaxing with a full bladder, that much I can testify).

Despite having a home made cloche from said fizzy water bottle I didn’t manage to get to the plot till today – 4 whole days after receiving such sage advice as cover them up. Cover them all up.

If I was hoping my trip to the plot would raise my spirits this was soon to be dashed when I witnessed the frost-ageddon that had taken place in those four days.

Let us do a roll call of the fallen:


Two courgette plants


One tomato plant (my home made cloche came in too late)


All of my purple haze carrots


Several potato plants.

All these have succumbed to frost-ageddon so maybe next time an elder on the plot starts out with the line ‘you don’t want to do it like that…’ I will pay a bit more attention.