Getting your spuds in the ground

3 Apr

I have now entered a race against time to get my potatoes planted before it’s too late.

On Friday I picked up the most sprouty bag of desiree spuds that Wilko had to offer and once home I realised there was an ominous fishy smell about them.

Not wanting that smell hanging round the house for too long I invited the whole family to accompany me to the plot, stating it would be good wholesome family time.

The youngest and I went first. I rummaged around the shed to see if there was any charcoal and once this had been established, the hubby and the eldest came to join us with the promise that we would have the first barbecue of the year.

Don’t ask me why or how but the hubby (who sat in a chair fanning the flames for more than an hour whilst I battled with weeds) couldn’t get the barbecue started so come four o ‘clock we were all rather hungry and had conceded defeat. Disappointment (and hunger) hung palpably in the air, the oldest was particularly affected by this no-barbecue news. She doesn’t like anything coming between her and the possibility of sausages.

All were appeased once the hubby said he’d just cook them in the oven, it would be fun, an indoor barbecue. I stayed battling the clods, weeds and clay like soil where I hope to grow potatoes this year and was disappointed to only get one row planted out before getting a text to say that late lunch was finally ready.

Despite spending about four hours there today, it felt like it just didn’t happen or at least not in it’s entirety. But I did strim, sort out the blueberry bush and start weeding one of the strawberry patches as well as tame one strip of the future potato patch.




2 Responses to “Getting your spuds in the ground”

  1. gillridge April 4, 2016 at 11:46 am #

    That’s so unlike Ken who is usually the Barbecue king! I’m looking forward to sampling the new potatoes even more than the purple carrots! xx

    • wifi allotment April 5, 2016 at 7:10 pm #

      Yes it was lack of fire lighters and damp charcoal that floored the barbecue king! Xx

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