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Driving me crazy……

17 Mar

There is nothing original in lamenting on what a pain it is learning to drive. It’s expensive, particularly hard work if you are dyslexic and just all round unpleasant. For the last six months I have not once had a spring in my step as I walk towards the awaiting car, more a trudging, grudging resignation that this is what is happening for next two hours. But add into this mix limited availability, busy job in London, two young children and the fact I haven’t had a car to practice in in between classes and you can begin to understand it has not been easy to make room for driving lessons in my life. Each time I feel I am getting somewhere the school holidays roll round and it all goes on hold, once more.

Perhaps the hardest part of this is I never have, and partly still don’t, want to learn to drive. I know if I lived in North London still I would happily wield my oyster card till the day I died. But rural living (and the lack of decent public transport) often forces even the most reluctant driver to take up lessons.

After several rounds of text ping pong with my instructor this week it became obvious that another driving lesson sabbatical is now looming. It will be a whole calendar month before I have a driving lesson thanks to school holidays and the need to prioritise booking childcare to cover the days I work, leaving little time for pootling around in a car.

After my initial disappointment (there’s a real sense in all of this that if I stop I might reconsider – so I have just kept my head down and trudged rather joylessly towards each lesson) I realised of course there are always reasons to celebrate.

The first is obviously I am going to be about £200 better of this month. The second is I get to spend time at my allotment. When I realised there was so little room in my life for driving something had to give and with much regret I report it was of course my dear old retreat, the plot.

When I walked down there today I had a spring in my step for the first Thursday since December. Yes there were weeds and I literally had no idea where to start but it all soon came back to me. I weeded, I strimmed, I had a catch up with a plot neighbour, it was good to be back so this unintended sabbatical from driving might not be such a bad thing after all.