The gift that keeps giving

26 Sep

I have probably commented before at this time of year that it’s a surprise to a novice gardener like myself that there are still cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes growing with less than a week to go before October is upon us.

I haven’t had time to visit the plot for a week or so. Catching up from when I went on retreat, returning to work, deliberating on whether to take voluntary redundancy from said job and driving lessons have all been prioritized over the plot. So when I popped there briefly yesterday I wasn’t expecting to harvest anything much.


I came away with a punnet of tomatoes and more courgettes and cucumbers to languish in my fridge!

The whole plot is in dire need of a trim and the weeds are as resplendent as ever. I went there again today with my youngest, our Saturday thing while the oldest goes to her drama club. He played with his newly made dino land (an attempt to get him interested once more in the abandoned mud pit I made him when he was 4 and had recently labelled as ‘babyish’ – add some plastic dinosaurs, water and rocks and hey presto – he’s entertained for at least half an hour!). I made a dint at the weeding.

IMAG0176 IMAG0179 (1)

As always after an hour, I left with so many other things I would have liked to have done and yet all I actually did was pull more weeds from the soil. My plot is small and does seem lower maintenance than it ever has but it still requires constant attention. And what’s more when I am there I feel so absorbed, concerns about all the other stuff in my life just slide away. Surely that makes it a place I should prioritize above all others?


One Response to “The gift that keeps giving”

  1. gillridge September 26, 2015 at 8:00 pm #

    A lovely post! Xx

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