Harvest II

15 Sep

And so another couple of months have passed. I managed to go away for several weeks and not have anything die on me. This was mainly thanks to the first week of being away a lovely plot neighbour and friend had suggested we water each others plots during the holidays. The second week I was away I left the hubby and the kids behind and so they were in charge of watering for a week.

Returning today an elder plot neighbour joked ‘to what do we owe this pleasure’ and it’s true I haven’t been down nearly as much as I’d planned this summer.

I optimistically bought paint and a roller thinking we would be down the plot so much that we might even run out of weeding projects over the summer and thus with so much time on our hands we would then set about painting the shed!

Alas they still languish in the shed now, unused, unopened but they will keep for next summer – I’m equipped and ready to paint sheds if I ever get the time.

Life at home took over – we finally tackled our garden, I dug and laid barren corners to lawn, I lopped and finally got rid of a huge wild bush. There were DIY projects too – the kitchen got tarted up and the youngest’s room finally got sorted out – built in cupboards removed, cabin beds built. It all takes time.

As I walked back today having spent 2 hours when I should’ve been there for 1, I wondered, fantasied even, what it might be like to have lots of time. But at least this lack of shed painting hasn’t stopped the plants growing and I guess that’s the main point of an allotment.


Today’s harvest!


A rare plot day over the summer holidays!


One Response to “Harvest II”

  1. gillridge September 16, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    Your produce looks delicious – looking forward to getting my gifts from it later! Great photos too! xx

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