Strawberry patch – update!

25 Apr

It’s now day 2 of woman V weeds. Me and my youngest spent two pleasant hours at the sunny plot today. He was determined to find as many snails, caterpillars and beetles as possible and I was determined to knock out the weeds.

I squirted the outside of the strawberry patch with some weed killer. I don’t like using the stuff anymore than I like using the blue poisonous slug pellets but the plot we got 3 years ago was such a mass of weeds, some very well-established perennials whose roots go down far further than I can dig. So I have used it on occasion, not on any parts I plan to grow food on just the borders and bits that have been laid low for a year.

This strategy has worked well, the weeds have never been conquered but they have been easier to stay on top of and I feel like I am able to grow as organic food as I can while keeping on top of the weeds and whatever I grow it’s certainly a lot more organic than the vegetables bought in supermarkets.

So squirt I did before settling in for another two hours of weeding. The time was punctuated with making sure my son was not bothering our new plot neighbours too much while secretly feeling grateful he was chatting away to someone else for a change.

We left two hours later, tired and muddy and, in the case of my son, in urgent need of a shower (he had somehow managed to roll around in the weed killer briefly- luckily he was wearing long sleeves and long trousers so no major contact was made but it’s still another reason to use weed killer with extreme caution if kids are involved).

I can’t say the patch is pristine, I think there is still at least another two hours weeding left to be done. Most of the time was spent vowing that this year I will get my act together and put some heavy duty membrane down around each strawberry plant to make sure I am not doing the same time wasting weeding this time next year.

2015-04-21 10.32.25

How it looked Tuesday

2015-04-24 10.57.34

How it looked yesterday

2015-04-25 17.04.46

How it looked at the end of today’s session.


One Response to “Strawberry patch – update!”

  1. gillridge April 25, 2015 at 6:40 pm #

    Wow! Well done. That’s quite a transformation! Bet D loved every moment.xx

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