Grass Paths

10 Oct

This isn’t the first time I have used grass paths as a title for a post and in all honestly it probably won’t be the last time either as there is an awful lot of future grass path mileage I can squeeze from this topic and at the end of the day a blog about allotments does seem rather cyclical and repetitive: there is angst about weeds and slugs and I can’t envisage that ever changing. There is joy about produce and harvest. There is disappointment when said harvest does not come to fruition because of said bugs and weeds. And on it goes.

So grass paths could almost be seen as a spicy edition to this predictable cycle, thrown in at odd times when I scratch my head and think OK what one good thing shall I do today? And the answer often seems to be sow another grass path.

It’s a bite sized manageable task, not to be done in cold weather. I timed my first grassy patch this autumn well – an area still covered in membrane in fruit corner that was already flat and ready to go.

2014-09-16 10.32.32

2014-09-30 09.34.53

Two weeks after sowing the little patch was more green than brown and this inspired me to attempt one more before the cold drew in.

2014-10-02 09.35.56 2014-10-02 09.53.14

My plot now resembling a Banksy mural.

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking but as soon as I sprinkled the last of my grass seeds on my next grass path the weather changed and I got the feeling last time I visited it is now destined only to feed the birds. That is fine, I don’t begrudge them getting some winter comfort from my grass seeds but I think I thought the nice weather was going to last for another month rather than the grim reality that we probably now face at least four months of huddled-round-heaters-wearing-jumpers-indoors winter action.

The change in the weather has been rapid – it’s hard to believe on Tuesday I picked a huge pile of cucumbers and courgettes and yet by Thursday the frost had pretty much killed the plants off.

2014-10-07 09.34.34

Tuesday’s bounty.

I spent a long time on-line ogling snow-boots yesterday in an attempt to cheer myself up and help me face the inevitable onslaught of wintry cold. So it’s possible the blog posts will be as Spartan as my harvest for the next few months.

So it’s back to shop bought cucumbers for us and possibly, because I am someone who needs to get outdoors, I will dust off my running shoes again. We’ll see but for now I am hopeful I can wrangle a few more trips to the plot to plant broad beans and dig over the cucumber patch, in between this icy weather and the recent downpours of course.



One Response to “Grass Paths”

  1. gillridge October 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm #

    Thanks v much for my share of your bounty! The courgettes are delicious and as I told you – your cucumbers are the best home grown ones I’ve ever tasted. Usually cucumbers are the one thing which I usually prefer shop bought as home grown ones often seem to consist mainly of large seeds. But yours are lovely! XX

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