Courgettes a plenty

25 Jul

Luckily I didn’t order any courgettes in my grocery shop this week. Last time I was at the plot (Tuesday evening) they looked like they might be ready in a week or so. Today when I went down there with the kids (bribed by the promise of a picnic and an ancient rope swing) I was amazed to see there was one the size of a small marrow and several others of respectable size. I picked four and then a plot neighbour gifted me two yellow ones.


I wasn’t able to look that gift horse in the mouth, so curious was I about yellow courgettes so I left the plot weighed down with courgettes. I dropped two off at a friend’s door who lives nearby and then started googling courgette recipes. I planted four courgette plants because I expected to lose at least two to slugs. Now that they have all come to fruition I see that we will be eating a lot of courgettes this year. And giving them away, which is lovely, it will be the first time I have had excess veg if that is how it pans out.


I probably could’ve given the plants themselves a whole lot more room, they are overspilling onto my makeshift path and will be invading my peas any time soon but I don’t mind, something is flourishing after all the slug munched attempts. The cucumbers are coming along too but not at such a great rate and I am not sure what will happen once they outgrow their second cloche.


The tomatoes are nearly ready as well, when they come in, if they come in I should of course say as blight may yet still take them, I will certainly be eating a lot of tomatoes and courgette gratin. The kids picked one red one each today and we ate them after a quick rinse. Any old plot hand will tell you about anything they grow that you won’t believe the taste compared to shop bought stuff but for tomatoes I have to say it is so true.


One Response to “Courgettes a plenty”

  1. gillridge July 26, 2014 at 1:16 pm #

    Well done! The courgettes and the tomatoes look delicious. I can just imagine that amazing taste! XX

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