Courgettes and other veg

4 Jul

Continuing on the theme of being too busy to blog, my photos have been accruing and yet no post has appeared which means this short post will have more pictures than words.

courgettes planted out courgettes planted out 1 courgettes planted out 3 courgettes planted out 2courgettes planted out 4

Even though the blogging has paused the growing hasn’t. My courgettes are hanging on in there despite rampant slugs. The pumpkin plant is growing and now seems perhaps to big for the slugs to eat. And there are wee green tomatoes on my tomato plant. A big patch is taken up with potatoes and overall it’s starting to look like a proper plot!

courgettes planted out 6 courgettes planted out 7 courgettes planted out 8

Keeping up with my philosophy of doing one good thing each visit, I recently weeded my overgrown pea patch. I was amazed that some plants had not only survived my wanton neglect but there was actually a pea growing. I picked said pod this week and the kids (I cannot actually believe what I am about to write) not only argued over it’s rather lame bounty (2 peas each) but also wanted to chew the pod! I need more home grown peas clearly to help get them eating more greens!

courgettes planted out 11 courgettes planted out 9  courgettes 12

courgettes planted out 10

I planted out my fruit bushes last week. Pulling out the first dead twig was hard but after that it was easy as I thought about the new bushes that would replace them. I don’t appear to have much luck with fruit bushes as the majority I have planted have died and even of these healthy new ones, 2 now seem to be ailing.

But one undeniable benefit of having a plot is that many of my plot neighbours take me under their wings and give me their excess fruit and veg as compensation for my own crops not quite working out. Last week it was strawberries, the type you couldn’t find in supermarkets, fragrant, juicy, reminiscent of childhood. Funnily enough my daughter turned her nose up at these organic beauties and said they tasted funny!


One Response to “Courgettes and other veg”

  1. gillridge July 5, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    Great photos! Good luck with the new fruit bushes. I can confirm how delicious the strawberries were! xx

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