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How does your garden grow?

13 Jun

My garden has paid a heavy price for all this allotment action. Most people potter in their garden, I toil on an unforgiving, slug infested overgrown patch of land ten minutes walk away from my house. The result of this has been that my garden is still as overgrown and weedy as when we moved in two and a half years ago.

OK the hubby mows the lawn every now and then. And recently he has commenced a battle of grass V paving stones but essentially it’s a lovely wild jungle most of the time. With trees so high they are nearly pulling the neighbours phone lines down and weird shrubby type things slowly taking over our lawn.

Little by little we have chopped things down and cut the odd bush back. Most recently the hubby rid us of an old fly bitten rose bush. I know that sounds sad – binning roses but it was more thorn than rose and the flowers it did produce were never going to win best in show. So it now resides in our brown wheelie bin, awaiting collection.

This means I now have about six foot more garden as a result and in the old rose bushes place I have been planting out my spare tomato and pepper plants grown from seed. First I did a quick bug hunt which revealed a whole pot full of snails. I don’t want to share their fate with the kids as they see garden snails and plot snails as two different things but suffice to say they will not be bothering us again.

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I had to clear old tarpaulin out the way, in which I discovered two stowaway frogs who didn’t seem fazed as they crawled back under the fence towards our neighbour’s pond.

Back at the plot I discovered recently that all my courgette seedlings had been devoured by slugs. The only thing that is unaffected by the marauding mollusc is my slug proof lettuce which is going from strength to strength. I have stopped buying the stuff for now.

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The broad beans are also doing well. I really need to find a recipe I can use them in and harvest soon before they get eaten by some broad bean eating pest. Oh and I harvested my first garlic of the year and it is very garlic-y!

Today I tried to do one good thing as that is my plot motto. Do one thing and then leave rather than try to do six things all at once badly and in a bit of a headless chicken panic. Do one thing well instead. So my one good thing today was weed the gooseberry bush. Some sad news on the edible border front – out of around 12 bushes that I planted last year and this, I think I have about 3-4 that are living, the rest are little more than sticks.

So nurture the living bushes, I guess is the realisation of this discovery. One gooseberry bush out of the three I planted has made it and now looks quite bushy. And back home my replacement courgette seedlings have come up in record time, currently living on my kitchen window sill, I plan to put a ring of poison round them once planted out. Sad thing is that is all that seems to work on the hungry slugs and snails on my plot.

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