Life and Death on the Plot

23 May

accidentally killed accidentally killed 1 accidentally killed 4 accidentally killed 5

The hope was that this would be an inspirational post entitled ‘The Arthur Effect Part Two’ which builds on last year’s post all about how the plants my uncle gave me went on to do well. But this year is turning out to be quite a different one and so I was tempted to call this post ‘Plants my uncle gave me that I have accidentally killed’.

The pictures above document the demise of some lettuce seedlings he gave me, the remaining beetroot seedlings that now look well past their best, the pea plants, once lush and green, now brown and withered and the last remaining pumpkin plant which is hanging on in there.

However as the final blog title suggests it isn’t all doom and gloom down the plot, there are many splendid things growing there too.

accidentally killed 2 accidentally killed 3 accidentally killed 6 accidentally killed 7 accidentally killed 8 accidentally killed 10 accidentally killed 14

My courgette seedlings have all grown and I was gifted a new batch of pea seedlings by my brother-in-law. The third batch of uncle Arthur’s lettuce seedlings which I replanted after batch 1 and 2 were eaten by slugs have flourished thanks to slug proofing the pot they are growing in with pound shop fleece. Tomatoes round two are also doing well as are the cabbage seedlings he gave me. And I got my first humble harvest of onions from the batch I planted in October. And my scatter and grow approach to carrots and turnips seems to have at least produced some seedlings at last.

accidentally killed 11 accidentally killed 15 accidentally killed 16

The two unstoppable things that grow on the plot are grass and weeds. The edging, mowing and weeding has become such a never ending story it barely warrants a mention but this week I claimed back my edible border from the jungle of weeds that surrounded it. No idea if the sticks-that-may-one-day-become-fruit-bushes are still actually alive or not but I guess not being suffocated by weeds will give them slightly better odds. I also weeded my onion patch and replanted in the gaps where I harvested, so that corner of the plot at least is looking quite tame.

More mowing will ensue this weekend when we attempt to claim back fruit corner!


2 Responses to “Life and Death on the Plot”

  1. gillridgewell May 26, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    I think ‘you win some, you lose some’ sums up this post. The winning ones are looking good! Good luck with Fruit Corner! xx

    • wifi allotment May 26, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

      Thanks, didn’t make it down there in the end but sure I’ll make it down over half term to continue mowing and edging!!

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