Too busy to blog!

9 May

leeks leeks 1 leeks 2 leeks 4 leeks 5 leeks 6 leeks 7

I have been having ‘one of those weeks’ for about the last three when I have been too busy to blog. This may cause a wry smile, as barometers of busyness go I know it’s not that big a deal, being too busy to blog. But still, I miss it. I take photos and upload them and then they don’t get used and the thing about the plot is things move one so quickly that they soon become old news. So here is a pictorial guide to all things plot related.

In recent weeks I have planted peas, tomatoes and it seems both were put out too early. The tomato plants’ patch now looks more like a tomato grave yard and the peas have been ravaged by slugs. I have attempted to cut grass, been edging like a demon and I beseeched the hubby to do some mowing too. Before he escaped to London last weekend for his birthday treat of drinks and a concert, he was sweating down the plot trying to tame a jungle.

It was worth it though, half the plot now looks better and I keep edging the other half hoping that might help when it too gets its turn to be mowed. I was there this morning uncovering long forgotten gooseberry and blueberry bushes. I still have more blueberry bushes in the shed in need of planting, once more postponed till next week.

And even when things get planted they don’t always work out. The tomatoes have been killed by frost, ditto the first lot of carrots and beet-roots. The pea plants are so slug nibbled that I have finally started using horrible slug killer AKA pesticide because I have tried everything else to no avail. Those peas had collars of sand paper, were sprinkled with egg shells and gravel, netted over and had a beer trap amidst them and yet still they have shrunk every time I go back. So today I got real, thanks to a fellow mum-gardener who gave me a huge tub of poison. I sprinkled and tried not to think too hard about their little mollusc brains being fried.

leeks 10 leeks 11 leeks 12 leeks 14 leeks 15 leeks 19 leeks 18

leeks 17

The pumpkins are also showing signs of slug ravishing but the cabbage I planted is looking good and, as I think I probably wrote last year, thank goodness for rocket, the seemingly one plant at the moment that can even survive on my pest infested plot. And this general busyness has meant I have only just got my potatoes in so at least if they do grow, I should be able to be fairly confident they won’t succumb to frost.


2 Responses to “Too busy to blog!”

  1. gillridgewell May 9, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

    Great photos! I loved visiting the plot with you on Wednesday – I was so impressed by everything growing and also witnessed the battle you have with slugs! Hope you win in the end! xx

    • wifi allotment May 10, 2014 at 6:21 pm #

      Cheers! I’ll see how the peas are tomorrow and post an update – has the chemical solution finally kept the slugs at bay??!

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