Yule blog

30 Dec

Slightly belatedly, terrible internet access over the festive period has meant no sly checking of Facebook (a good thing) but also my Yule blog got postponed.

The allotment often feels like a distant memory these days, I was starting to forget it’s very existence until the renewal email dropped in my inbox a week ago. The rent has gone up to £18 this year, still a snip for us small holders but I imagine people with maximum rods will notice the increase more acutely.

I had visions of the plot allowing me to do some kind of home spun Christmas thing this year: a vision of organic hampers and chutneys. The reality was in fact  all I actually managed  was a jar of plot pickle to my nearest and dearest as well as buying the usual presents.

plot picklePlot pickle gifts!

I also contributed to the vat of sprouts my mum cooks every Christmas day, though we didn’t quite grow enough to stop her from buying any, it worked out at roughly a third of the sprouts on the yule table were home grown.

Me and the kids ventured down the plot just before they broke up, my youngest coughing and wheezing and me feeling guilty at having dragged them there after school. But it was a quick job, I picked the sprouts as they ran around giggling at the fact it was almost dark at 3.30 and we were on the plot once again.

chilly more sprouts

Sprouts in situ

Once home they looked a slightly manky slug eaten batch and yes that probably is a small pest you can see nestling amongst them. And I may have mentioned before I am not even that keen on them anyway, I just kind of felt obliged to grow brasicas because that is what allotmenteers grow. I usually only allow 3 on my plate on the big day itself!

picked sprouts

My sprout booty!

One other unexpected deferred fruit of our labour was a pear found lurking in a forgotten corner of a drawer. Again not a bountiful crop but a pear we had grown none the less which I snapped as the hubby peeled it for posterity. It was bitter and rather wrinkled but it was our pear!

ken peeling pear

Here’s to more pears and sprouts and veg in general next year!

Happy winterval and a healthy 2014!


One Response to “Yule blog”

  1. Gill Ridgewell December 31, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    It was an honour to cook your sprouts on Christmas Day and to those of us who like sprouts they were delicious! And don’t forget some of them were also used in the bubble and squeak on Boxing Day! The plot pickle is delicious – I had some of it with the last of the cold turkey yesterday. All great contributions to the festive food! XX

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