In a bit of a pickle

23 Oct

Before my tomatoes succumbed to tomato blight I had hundreds of green tomatoes. I was warned by various plot neighbours that blight was doing the rounds so I did pick quite a few before the plants died. Some turned red, some went mouldy as they waited to go red and some stayed stubbornly green.

A few week’s ago in a bid to use all that I’ve harvested I googled ‘green tomato chutney’ and found a simple recipe to follow. The end result is quite sweet but very edible. I stuck to the recipe below but made my own pickling vinegar by using normal malt vinegar and adding mustard and coriander seeds. Be warned though your entire house will stink of boiled vinegar for several days after making this or any chutney, so not one to do immediately before a dinner party.

Step 1: Chop your green tomatoes and onions and leave to soak over night in a big bowl with salt

pickle 1

Step 2: Make your own pickling vinegar by boiling malt vinegar with mustard and coriander seeds, crushed garlic and ginger tied in a muslin sachet.

pickle 2

Step 3: Peel and chop up a load of apples

pickles 3

Step 4: Remove the muslin spice pouch from vinegar and add all ingredients and raisins and cook for several hours. (Your house will start to really smell of eau de vinegar at this stage!)

pickle 4

Step 5: Put your clean jars and whatever else you’ll use in the oven for 10 minutes to sterilise

Pickle 5

Step 6: Once the pickle looks right jar it in your sterilised jars. Stores for a year apparently!



2 Responses to “In a bit of a pickle”

  1. Gill Ridgewell. October 24, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    Well done! I can’t wait to try it and as you know I am a chutney fan. I’ve never made it myself but I always buy a home made jar at the Summer fete when available! I remember that boiled vinegar smell so well from my childhood when my Mum was making chutney or my Dad was pickling onions. It seemed that pickling was a ‘man’s job’ – a bit like ‘manning’ the barbecue now! I know Arthur carries on that tradition and makes chutneys and pickles now!

    • wifi allotment October 26, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

      I look forward to seeing what a true chutney connoisseur makes of my humble effort! (I don’t claim to compete with those expert picklers at the WI tho!)

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