Optimism about autumn

11 Oct

In the spirit of mindfully having gratitude for what you have and also somewhat inspired by my sunnier natured hubby who proclaimed autumn to be his favourite season, I have been thinking about what I like about autumn. So here goes: I have finally switched on the heating and the house feels all cosy when I come in from the plot. Yesterday I gave the kids their first hot chocolate of autumn and they cupped their cold hands round it and happily slurped.

The colours on the leaves, of course. The prospect of storing pumpkins in my shed – come a zombie apocalypse I shall dine on pumpkin (if I can get to shed without being got at). And everyone keeps giving me apples. I have bags of the things, I even turned some down today.

I admit I have now some what exhausted my list in the reasons-to-be-cheerful-even-though-winter-is-just-round-the-corner thought experiment. One glaring omission to that list is that I have still been able to visit the plot in between showers. The bad news is this recent wet weather has made me face the fact that my pink festival wellies are not long for this earth.

optimism welly

Holey to say the least


I am reduced to doing this!

That is not the sock of an old-school tramp but instead is mine. this is the palava I have to go through every time I go to the plot. I wrap my sock in a plastic bag and then put on the holey wellies. This for once isn’t miserliness that has made me do this, I just keep forgetting to go to a welly shop. How often does one need to visit a place that sells wellies in a lifetime? I cannot say I have ever bought a pair besides the pink festi wellies that were bought at a festi during predictable inclement British weather.

My first job today at the plot was to rearrange the netting that had blown off during all this blowy weather we’ve been having. I inspected the grass paths I sprinkled with pound shop grass seed and was pleasantly surprised by the progress.

Optimism grass path

I have a new path

Then I decided it would be a good day to harvest my second batch of beetroot.

optimism beetroot optimism beetroot leaves

I left the roots out to dry and added the leaves to the compost

Once the beetroots were gone I dug the area where they had been, applied manure and covered it with more membrane. It was the last scrap of membrane from a very long roll I’d bought online more than a year ago. It started to rain so I gathered up the beetroot and stood in the shed for a while. As I looked out I realised my plot is now more covered with membrane than it ever has been but in the spirit of optimism I tried to ponder the extent to which there would be far fewer weeds to tackle come spring, rather than lamenting the ruined aesthetics of membrane as-far-as-the-eye-can-see.

optimism more membrane

More of the black stuff!


4 Responses to “Optimism about autumn”

  1. denise lynch October 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    Love your blog. What a difference a year has made. Keep up the good work. I need to get out and do battle with my weeds. Always harder to get into the spirit in autumn knowing killing frosts are coming soon and will do the job for me.

    • wifi allotment October 11, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

      Thanks – gardening is so rewarding and slightly addictive! I now understand why so many of my family (you, Arthur, Gail etc not to mention granny and granddad) have been so enthusiastic about it for so long! Loved your creative pumpkins – must show Ken, he has a drill!!

  2. Gill Ridgewell. October 11, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

    The beetroot look great! Yes definitely time to go mad and buy some new wellies. It’s certainly been a bumper year for apples – so many people have been giving them away and I noticed at the children’s Harvest assembly that they outnumbered other fruit by about 10 to 1! XX

    • wifi allotment October 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

      Thanks – they were those ones that Arthur gave me as well – they did well! Just had roasted beetroot for tea and (a minor veg victory) got the kids to eat some by adding to pancake mix to make pink pancakes (blog post to follow)!!

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