Fruit bushes

19 Sep

Part of my long term plan for the plot is to have an edible hedge. This really is a very long term plan as the cheap fruit bushes I buy are nothing more than a stick with roots at the start of their journey. It is hard to imagine them ever bushing out let alone producing any fruit. It’s true I could buy more developed bushes that cost in the region of 20 quid a bush plus post and packing or I could go to the 99p shop and get a stick with roots!

I spent yesterday morning digging the strip that borders with our neighbour. It has always been very weedy and it has taken at least two lots of membrane to keep these tenacious weeds at bay. According to plot neighbours it might be OK to buy fruit bushes from the 99p shop but I cannot vouch for their membrane – every roll I bought disintegrated within weeks, doubling the work and making me lament my miserliness.

fruit bush section dug

What I dug yesterday

I came across more weeds, broken glass and lots of pegs – this time they were my own, I had used them to hold down the useless membrane, so I washed and kept them for future use.

fruit bush pegs

So many pegs!

I then set about getting my stick with roots ready for planting. I forgot to soak its roots as advised on the packet, for one hour so made do with ten minutes. I added bonemeal – also from the pound shop – to the earth as apparently that helps create healthy roots. As the stick with roots was brown in a sea of brown mud I then marked it out with some little white border things. I got 16 for a quid and I wasn’t really sure what I would use them for. I am not on commission from our local pound shop but compared to our lovely local garden centre’s prices I know I would be unable to do much planting if I always had to pay their prices.

fruit bush soaking

10 minutes should hopefully be enough!

fruit bush planted

My first blackcurrant bush planted

Today I returned, dug, got a bit wet from the rain and remembered to soak my gooseberry bush’s roots for the required hour. Apparently autumn is the perfect time to plant fruit bushes because as nothing much is happening in the top half of the plant the roots can really get established.

fruit bush gooseberry

My second gooseberry bush planted and hopefully protected

It’s been hard work this week, I have been digging like mad as I don’t know how long this free time and enthusiasm might last. My attitude is dig while you can. Yesterday I regretted not bringing a flask so today I came prepared. My plastic seat was all soggy from dew, so how glad was I that I had bought a cheapo garden seat cushion from my fav shop to be utilised at just such a moment as this!

fruit bush cushion

Guess where I bought my cushion from?


2 Responses to “Fruit bushes”

  1. Gill Ridgewell. September 19, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    The pound shop would be very pleased to read your blog! The plot is looking great and I’m sure the soft fruit bushes will do well. As I told you yesterday yet another thing I remember from childhood is new raspberry bushes being called raspberry canes – so I think they’re supposed to be sticks with roots! XX

    • wifi allotment September 20, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

      Yes that’s good to know. I got all enthused and bought 3 more plants today but the blackberry ‘bushes’ were actually sticks with ailing roots so I am not convinced they will take but maybe with the power of organic bone meal they will do OK!!

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