Green tomatoes

18 Aug

I have survived a short break in a bell tent with children and hubby only to come back to the plot and find not much has changed. The weather has cooled and so the growing of all but the weeds seems to be stunted by this abrupt end-of-summer feel.

The grass seed I sprinkled on fruit corner is still just that a week and a half later, still seed. Slowly being eaten by birds.

green toms fruit corner

A week ago I picked some green tomatoes and left them on my window sill hoping when I got home they would have turned red only to be greeted by now shrivelled, withered green tomatoes.

green tomatoes

Never mind, I thought as I remembered my uncle’s words about it only being a matter of days before the tomatoes still on the plant turn red. I optimistically walked to the plot and was greeted by the sight of an unruly, precarious looking jungle of still green tomatoes.

green toms 2

Oh well at least the thistles are thriving. I only uprooted about twenty last weekend and already there were twenty more in their place. And the pumpkins are still growing at an alarming rate.

green toms pumpkin

But even this has a downside – it appears to be choking off my blueberry bush. I did a little internet research and realised it probably never stood a chance. Blueberry bushes love acidic soil apparently and our soil is many things – cloddy, clay like, water sodden in wet weather – but it certainly isn’t acidic. Not quite sure why I didn’t research this before buying and planting it.

green toms blueberry

My ailing blueberry bush being inched out by a pumpkin plant.

But all this is mere details. I was back at the plot, the sun was shining and I really didn’t care what was flourishing and what was was dying and how many chuffing thistles I had to dig up. Again. For this space is my precious escape. Spending four nights in a bell tent with a three and five year old determined to get high by drinking honey  tends to have that affect on me.


2 Responses to “Green tomatoes”

  1. Gill Ridgewell. August 19, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Plot looking good as always – especially the green tomatoes. I know lots of people who swear by green tomato chutney! Perhaps if they don’t start to go red soon you could consider that. It would be lovely for me when I make my cheese and chutney sandwichs at your house! XX

    • wifi allotment August 21, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

      Yes I have already found a suitable recipe and ordered some vinegar!!

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