Fruit corner – the end for now!

8 Aug

I have been slowly working my way through an allotment to do list. This frequently gets added to as things crop up and the original plan gets forgotten. Fruit corner was meant to have been finished before the summer holidays. The plan was to have the whole area laid to lawn before the kids finished school so they had somewhere nice to play.

Fast forward three weeks into the summer holidays and when I arrived there this morning I realised everything else had to wait. I needed to un-peel some membrane and see what state the last little patch left untouched was like. For once I got a pleasant surprise, under the membrane lay some fairly flat and weed free soil. It took me about an hour to get it looking OK.

Fruit corner final phase

This of course had me lamenting that this really was a job I could have tackled weeks ago. Instead it has been sitting in my metaphorical in-tray for far too long, weighing down on my conscious, making me feel slightly guilty whenever I passed over sorting out fruit corner once and for all and instead opting for light weeding as I frequently have.

I saw my sister on Tuesday and she told me the latest thing in educational outdoor play is a mud kitchen. Once I got started on the final bit of fruit corner I realised a mud pit was exactly what I needed. The kids have pretty much outgrown the sandpit at home, what’s the point of having another one at the plot?

I hastily made a small circle out of the remaining bamboo bordering things I bought ages ago from the pound shop and made more of a mud pit than a kitchen. I then laid the rest to lawn and voila, the most pressing current thing to do at the allotment has finally been sorted meaning I can, for a few weeks at least, relax and stick to light weeding and harvesting.

fruit corner final bit laid to lawn

Admittedly it looks a bit like a grave but  fruit corner is done!


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