The Arthur effect

23 Jul

I was going to use the title ‘The Arthur effect’ for my last post but then realised I needed to use my month long absence as a starting point because when you blog about allotment gardening anything that deviates from the relentless battle against weeds needs to be utilised for all its worth. Last time I was at the plot it hit me that most of the plants that are currently thriving are thanks to my uncle Arthur. He gave me the courgettes and tomatoes. Even the potato plants from his seed potatoes look healthier than the ones grown from my batch of seed potatoes I bought from a well known gardening shop. The brassicas are my own work – grown from pound shop seeds. Ditto the pepper seedlings – I had six originally but now they are down to two.


My pepper seedlings – slugs ate 4 of them

The flower border which I can now see for the first time in months is also courtesy of my uncle, it lines my now depleted and weary looking potato patch.

potato patch with flowers

I can see my flower border once more.

There have been other self grown triumphs – I planted beetroot in the bit once known as the pond. The drainage job we did of chucking loads of sand in there has really worked, I had to water them from day one. The only problem was deciding how to use the beetroot as I have never been a huge fan and the only dish I use them in is a soup which right now it’s too hot to even contemplate. I picked some the other day and made a roasted beetroot and chickpea salad along with tomato couscous all flavoured with herbs from herb garden. I am now a convert to beetroot and wish I had planted more than seven.

beetroot with couscous and herbs

It was yum!

And there has also been some lawn growing activity. Ken did a grand job of tidying up the grassy edges of the plot on Sunday. The grass hadn’t been cut for well over a month but in a couple of hours it looked respectable if not 100% tidy.


The whole freshly-trimmed plot.

Our plot doesn’t look quite as pristine as maybe we had hoped it would by now, everything has taken so much longer and life always gets in the way but we are seeing slow progress, it’s taking shape. Things are growing, a lot of which I’ve been given but some have also grown from my pound shop seeds. The only trouble is life once more gets in the way – the kids are off till September and the only way I can persuade them to accompany me to the plot is with promises of making a scarecrow or building a sand pit. Great summer holiday activities but as we play and get creative I expect to see the weeds take hold once more.


2 Responses to “The Arthur effect”

  1. Gill Ridgewell July 25, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Oh what a great title – I’m sure Arthur will be pleased! And I can vouch for the delicious dish you cooked using the beetroot as you were kind enough to cook it on an evening when I was with you! XX

    • wifi allotment July 25, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

      Oh thanks – I am keen to make more beetroot creations this summer! X

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