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20 Jul

What a difference a month makes and what a month it’s been. Too busy to blog, too busy to garden, too busy to socialise. At times it felt as though I was even too busy to breath. The details of the busyness are the usual work life balance getting slightly skewed – examining for EDXCEL at the same time as doing the first course I have done in ages and trying to make time for my normal job, the kids, forty minutes of daily meditation on top of marking as many really badly written essays as one can muster energy for at the end of an already long day meant that for a while at least the allotment dropped off the list of priorities.

It was interesting that this time of stress and deadlines coincided with me doing a course in how to deal with stress more mindfully. You could say it really helped test my mindful mettle. I learnt on the course how at times of stress we drop the very things that nurture us, that give us joy, that keep us sane. Stressed and busy? Bye bye friends, laughter, yoga, eating healthily, sleeping well etc. It is just what we humans do. But for once I kept one thing going and that was my daily meditation. Not because I am particularly good at sticking at things but more because I had paid 200 quid for the course so I wasn’t going to bail out just for a bit of marking.

Fast forward a month, the stress has dissolved into a long hot summer. I am one day away from finishing work for two months. The course has finished, I am about to pay for the teaching mindfulness course with my hard won marking wages. And it is time to start nurturing myself and that unloved plot again.

I didn’t totally abandon the plot in that time but all I had time to do was water. The weeds were left to their own devices. My once pristine path is now sprouting weeds. The potato patch was so over run with weeds the potato plants themselves were beginning to die. So my first task had to be clear the weeds and save some potatoes.

weeded potato patch

My emaciated spuds!

This took the best part of 6 hours in the baking sun. This has made me pledge to never listen to anyone who says just leave potatoes to the weeds, it’s a fallacy which next year I’ll ignore.

It wasn’t just weeds that had grown though. My raised beds are thriving. The tomatoes have wee green tomatoes on them and I cut two courgettes from those previously ailing plants. And the raised beds with the broccoli and lettuce were also rather fecund.

tomatoes thriving

Thriving tomatoes

courgettes thriving

      Thriving courgettes

thriving brasicas

Thriving brassicas

Fruit corner was also thriving – weeds and thistles have overtaken the little bit of lawn I had managed to grow. A lot can happen in a month, weeds can conquer, plants can bear fruit. It seemed a little disheartening to see the total domination of weeds in fruit corner once more but then I found myself accepting that the weeds can be pulled up (once again) and at least during this busy time the plants were watered and for a month water was all they needed to thrive. It’s true that it’s unclear how many spuds we may get from those now emaciated plants and yes, I regret saying a bit too loudly to anyone who would listen that we’d planted potatoes because any idiot can grow them, even me. But at the moment everything else, including the weeds, is doing well. And spuds are quite cheap to buy whereas purple sprouting broccoli…. I’ll stop there in case I jinx it.


One Response to “Back to blogging”

  1. Gill Ridgewell July 23, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    It’s so good to read your blog again! It all sounds great – I can’t wait to see for myself sometime soon! I’m also looking forward to sampling the courgette you gave me yesterday – I’m sure it will be as tasty as Brydie’s radishes! XX

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