Wardrobe malfunction

20 Jun

OK so it has to be said I do not do skirts or dresses very often. This was made even more apparent this morning when I surfaced wearing an old skirt and my eldest asked if it was a party or a wedding we were going to. Yes radical feminist that I am, my daughter believes skirts and dresses come under a heading of ‘very special occasion only’. On the way to school someone commented I looked too glam to go to the allotment. In my defence it is a very old skirt. Think new look from more than a decade ago, with shabby sequins that has seen a bit of the mud from Glastonbury in it’s hey day and you will have the right kind of skirt in mind.

Anyway I should have taken all this skirt-noticing attention as a sign: there is a reason why people do not garden in skirts.

Firstly it got a bit tangled up in one of my many bits of string and then I, trying to untangle it, tripped over and came within centimetres of cracking my head on the shed door. Amazingly my second reaction after the inevitable that-was-lucky thought was to check if my seventy year old neighbour had seen my misadventure. I think that says something about the British that our first thought on falling is frequently ‘who saw that’.

Once I had recovered my balance I surveyed the plot. It has been nearly a week and things happily were flourishing, not just weeds but plants too.

brilliant brasicas

My purple sprouting broccoli is coming along nicely alongside replacement lettuce and Brussels sprouts.

plant food works

One of the courgette plants is thriving at last, proving plant food works!

Another downside to wearing a skirt was I felt I couldn’t actually do any digging, which on second thoughts might be why my sub conscious led me to wear a skirt today. I did light weeding instead. I cleared the build up in both raised beds and then tackled the kids’ plots. Their plots are a good example of the randomness of life. We used the same seeds, the same compost and the same day to plant a row of radishes, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes. In the eldest’s plot nearly everything has taken. In the youngest’s only the potatoes and one lone pumpkin has so far surfaced.

bs plot


ds plot

                                           No radishes!

I watered everything as well as that seemed a fitting activity to undertake in a skirt. Never mind that less than two hours later it was raining, I applied more plant food now I am convinced it actually does something. A passing neighbour mentioned Monty Donn and cumfrey and buckets and making your own plant food, but for now I’ll stick with the stuff I’ve got.

The rocket was overflowing it’s container and I realised with great joy that I can do a harvest of something I have grown. If ever there was a vegetable to give the beginner gardener a bit of a boost it must be rocket. I’ve done nothing except sprinkle the seeds and apply occasional water and it has rewarded me no end. I also actually like rocket which helps.

fresh rocket rocket and herb gdn

My first proper harvest picked from herb garden!

Aside from nearly giving me a head injury the ill advised gardening skirt also kept drifting south and I kept having to hide behind the shed to hoik it back up. Take it from me – rocket is a gardener’s low maintenance best friend, skirts most definitely are not.


2 Responses to “Wardrobe malfunction”

  1. Gill Ridgewell June 20, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    As a child my love you always wanted to wear summer clothes at the first puny ray of sunshine – perhaps that explains the skirt! The radishes explain Brydie’s choice of a Peter Rabbit episode which featured that vegetable – needless to say it involved Peter stealing them from the scary Mr McGregor! The plot is looking good! XX

  2. wifi allotment June 20, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    Yes it was a bit of that over optimistic summer thing going on plus yesterday spending a whole day sweating in jeans and boots in my airless classroom made me vow to be all light and breezy today!

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