Fruit corner: the big push

6 Jun

Things always pop up to distract from the task in hand, especially when that task is weeding. Fruit corner has long been our main priority, getting it sorted so the kids can have an area where they can roam free. At first I thought I would bark chip the whole lot but then I realised

  1. That’s going to involve an awful lot of very heavy sacks of bark chip.
  2. Which will involve an awful lot of money
  3. And an awful lot of using a wheel barrow which we don’t have
  4. And a packet of grass seed is so much lighter and cheaper.

So grass it shall be. This was months ago but in between there has been herb garden to sort out and then I got a bit fixated with making a path. There are still several paths to dig and membrane over and then if we can be bothered be covered with more bark chip but for the time being at least fruit corner has again become priority number one.

It gets a tad frustrating that I go to the plot day after and day and don’t plant anything, I don’t harvest anything. The closest I get to a pleasurable gardener’s moment is watering. Watering keeps me going , it breaks up the monotony and gives the illusion you are nurturing something. There has been ill advised bouts of watering like when I kept watering my potatoes and encouraged the huge jungle of weeds that now presides over my potato patch. Or the time I kept watering a solitary plant on an upturned pallet and accidentally triggered yet another jungle of weeds beneath it. Like I don’t have enough of the things already to uproot.

A month or so ago me and my youngest sprinkled some grass seeds on the weed free strip in fruit corner and already it’s growing. This has encouraged me to believe even I can cultivate a lawn and so I want to get the rest laid to lawn as they say in gardener’s speak.

fruit corner coming along

Fruit corner complete with weedy bark chip and recently planted grass.

So the arduous task continues interrupted only by a chat with a plot neighbour or a cup of  flask tea. Weeding seems to be the only thing I have a bit of perfectionist zeal for, I get caught up in the underground world of thistle roots, chasing them along, determined to pull out the sometimes two foot roots before I catch myself and think sod it, you can’t get all of them.

Today’s session ended as it frequently does with me covering more of the plot with black covering – this time recycled compost sacks as they are only temporary, to protect a currently weed free area from getting inundated next time I turn my back.

more membrane

More of the black stuff!

I picked some beautiful purple wild flowers and then forgot to bring them home before my final task of checking on my ailing courgettes, healthy seedlings my uncle gave me that now seem on their last legs. I gave them some plant food on Tuesday so I thought I should chart their progress to know whether plant food works or not in the interests of science!

courgettes ailing

Are my courgettes done for?

Tomorrow the kids have an eye appointment which means no school in the morning which in turn means no trip to the allotment for me. I’ll miss being there on such a sunny day but I don’t think I’ll miss the weeding.


One Response to “Fruit corner: the big push”

  1. Gill Ridgewell June 7, 2013 at 10:13 am #

    I loved visiting your plot on Wednesday! You had done SUCH a lot since my last visit. Fruit corner and the potatoes looking especially good. Keep up the good work! xx

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