Ever changing landscape

2 Jun

It really is obvious how much of a novice gardener I am: I am perpetually surprised by how much things can change, even in a couple of days. I haven’t been to the plot for three days but there are quite a few new things to comment on:

1) We have a junior oak tree growing amongst our garlic and shallots. I don’t have the heart to remove it yet.

oak tree

A young oak tree!

2) My lettuce has been totally obliterated (by slugs, birds, who knows?). I have become very unsentimental. I pulled up the shrivelled remainders and planted new lettuce seeds this afternoon to make myself feel better, like one of those people who instantly buy themselves a new dog as soon as their elderly one dies.

lettuce obliterated

Bye bye lettuce!

3) But for the moment at least the spuds and the rocket is flourishing – I don’t want the slugs to know this of course.


Hurrah for container grown rocket!

4) As a result of my obliterated lettuce I felt duty bound to protect my oldest child’s strawberry plant against the army of rampaging slugs with my pound shop slug guard, even though I am not convinced of its efficacy.

strawberry slug proofed

My oldest’s strawberry plant, hopefully slug proofed.

5) Even though we thought all the blossom on our apple tree had gone with the wind, literally, it seems we may get an apple this year after all.


Fingers crossed that might be an apple!

6) One of my lovely plot neighbours has given up on the gnarly old bottom end of the site and is in the process of moving her green house and shed up to a better, less weedy plot. I will miss her and her weeding – without her tending her plot next door we two on wifi allotment will be fighting the weeds pretty much single-handedly down our end of the plot – the arse end some might call it, where the newbies get put. I shudder to think it could possibly get harder.

7) Every time I leave my dear plot I glance around not quite sure what it will look like three days later.


One Response to “Ever changing landscape”

  1. Gill Ridgewell June 3, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    Oh poor lettuces – there must have been some well fed slugs that day! Glad to know the rocket and spuds are doing well. The apple is sweet – hope it’s the first of many! XX

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