If at first you don’t succeed..

12 May

…send in the hubby to finish off the job. As a radical feminist it gives me no pleasure in writing that believe me but this blog is nothing if not honest. I admitted defeat on levelling herb garden. I told Ken it was just going to have to stay lumpy and he gallantly stepped in, offering his help. He uncovered the earth, pulled out my bits of scrunched up newspaper, probably whilst shaking his head at the absurdity of the idea. And then he set to work.

Herb garden with fork

Ken sorts out my botching!

After two hours of still more clod breaking it passed the walking-over-it challenge. We had a regrouping lunch and then I set to off to finally set up and plant the beginnings of herb garden. If I had known how long it would take to get a tiny corner of our plot simply flat enough to balance an upside down palate on without being a health and safety issue I probably wouldn’t have bothered. To be honest I don’t even like  herbs that much.

But on the allotment I have found a new dogged side to myself, once I get set on an idea I find it hard to let go. We have dubbed that tiny corner ‘herb garden’ so herb garden it must become. The actual setting up took all of half an hour once the ground was finally levelled and covered. There’s plenty of room around the palate so container growing will probably be another thing to do on that space or maybe it’s a good patch for some rhubarb.

herb garden has been started

Herb garden has begun at last!

Whilst there today I met plot neighbours I haven’t met before, people with children who listen to radio 4 and a grandfather and grandson duo who reminded me of us a year ago. They looked at the untamed mass of their recently acquired plot with fear and said ‘not quite sure what we do.’ Laying no claim to being an expert I shared what nuggets I could. I said ‘We have chipped away at our own untamed beast by hand for a year and look, it’s still only half done. If I were you mate, I would hire a rotavator, that will probably sort it in three hours.’


One Response to “If at first you don’t succeed..”

  1. Gill Ridgewell May 13, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Once again – well done my love! If one of those herbs is mint – it will make those new potatoes that you are also growing taste even better. Another of my many childhood gardening memories is picking mint to go in with the potatoes when Granny was cooking them! XX

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