What I learnt today

6 May

A beautiful day to spend digging away, me and Ken split the day into shifts. First I had the kids and he escaped, then this afternoon it was my turn. We’ve been doing meet ups with family and friends all weekend so it was nice to have one day to just potter and get stuff done.

I had planned to plant my new seedlings from my uncle’s garden and plant the bean seeds he gave me but I got sucked into the weirdly hypnotic world of weeding once more. I had a good three hour stint there today and it felt like I got only a couple of feet weeded. The dry rock hard earth does not speed things along.

I broke up the time by watering the plants and then used one of two new bits of kit – lawn shears, to try and tidy up the edges of the plot – it’s got to be done in time for the plot inspection in 3-4 weeks. So nothing exciting like planting actually happened but I did learn a few of things:

  • It can be lethal ordering allotment related things after a couple of glasses of wine. Last night we rather over zealously reserved a manual cylinder lawn mower, having decided we need to lay fruit corner to lawn if we are to have any hope of keeping it weed free long term.
  • Even though another fifty quid has gone into the never ending financial black hole called ‘allotment kit’ Ken picked up the new mower and now swears by it. Apparently it works better than an electric flymo and we can now keep our plot a bit tidier.
  • The paths have not been mowed for more than a year but Ken took only an hour to tame them so just for a change a task took less time than anticipated.

new mower

A major bit of kit – our new manual cylinder mower.

  • Watering the earth where you are about to weed can really help speed up the never ending chiseling of lumpen dry earth.
  • Double gloving really doesn’t work in this weather – my hands sweated so much as I weeded and I was surprised to discover sweaty hands smell almost as bad as sweaty feet.
  • Using a pair of lawn shears is almost as easy as using a strimmer, they are currently razor sharp and it took only ten minutes to give the first stretch a rough trim.

path mowed

The path after getting a trim.

  • The allotment was buzzing with bank holiday people, lovely that people get out on such a nice day but I realised I really prefer having the place to myself.
  • It’s back to school tomorrow and I have already written a to do list for when I return in fourteen hours, not that I am counting.

fruit corner in progress

Fruit corner – making slow progress in the battle against the weeds.


One Response to “What I learnt today”

  1. Gill Ridgewell May 7, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    Another lovely post darling. I’m sure you’ll pass the inspection by Ofplot with flying colours! XX

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