The art of weeding

28 Apr

The biggest challenge of this blog is how to keep coming up with readable angles to what we are doing. Essentially I go to the  plot, spend two and half hours doubled over pulling out weeds and then I walk home again. It is slow and gruelling work and it really isn’t that comment worthy!

Spraying a couple of parts of the plot with weed killer provided a nice change of angle but it also induced the first repetitive strain injury I have endured since starting the plot. I also got a bit zealous with my overstretch on Friday as I weeded by hand and so by Friday night I felt a bit tired and a bit sore. Couple with that a massive temper tantrum from both of my kids at school pick up over the fact some other child nearby had a lolly and I (heartless cruel mother that I am) didn’t have a pocketful of lollies meant that come 7pm Friday night it was most definitely wine o’clock.

I was still aching yesterday and so a day off from the plot seemed long overdue. I escaped to London as I do every few weeks to meet up with one friend or another. Yesterday it was my old friend who is currently slogging through an Open University degree and had been writing about Benin art – let’s go and see it at the British Museum, she said. So we did and much catching up took place between the beautiful brass sculptures.

benin art

The Brits pilfered these from Benin in the 18th century

Today back at the plot there was more spraying of weed killer as it’s a dry day and – I am learning – it’s good to do these things on dry days. My wrists groaned as I gave them more strain. I don’t think I would have been quite so zealous but I had my favourite in-law staying and so suddenly, even though he is lovely, the house felt small and I needed to escape. Perhaps that is another plus point of having an allotment – there will always be a good excuse to get out of the house, like having a dog to walk but without the messy business of a pooper scoop.

Could I notice the difference from Thursday to now on the weed killer soaked patch? It’s definitely looking more yellow  and I am guessing yellow is a good stage on the path to no weeds.

half way there

Signs of yellowing weeds.


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