Best day at the plot ever!

20 Apr

The plot did not work it’s magical hangover cure thang for me today, I had to rely on a bacon butty to do that. But being there certainly blew away the cobwebs. At the risk of sounding like a total Tory (believe me I am not!) we had friends round for a kitchen supper last night. I prefer this label to ‘dinner’ because it lowers the expectations, like having a gathering rather than a party. The evening is a tad hazy but I do remember going on about pulling up weeds with roots the size of turnips a few too many times for comfort!

weed root

Roots the size of a turnip!

I was determined that going to bed at 3am would not stop us doing the mother of all digs. First we had to go to the pound shop, on a Saturday, with two children under five in tow and a throbbing head. You can imagine it was a thoroughly wonderful shopping experience. The kids took some pocket money and chose things to play with whilst on the plot (trowels, watering cans, a bug collecting kit, an ornate windmill) while we focused on getting bamboo edging (a metre for a quid, what’s not to love about that?).

Once at the plot it was not the most productive day ever. Ken weeded and prepared raised bed number two for planting, I stopped the kids from squashing the garlic. I taught them how to water plants and we sowed two rows of carrots. It was slow going and sometimes it hurt my head as I continually had to yell ‘walk on the bark chip, the bark chip is the path,’ but the kids loved it. They played around with mud and watered lots of things, they collected two worms without killing them. They collected stones as well – an easy and quite useful task they can actually do very efficiently I discovered. And working with B when the boys went to get sandwiches was much easier than trying to do anything constructive with both of them. By the time we had planted two rows of carrots B was using the word dibber as though a gardener herself.


I don’t really know what I’m doing but  I try to convincingly teach my daughter, B, the basics!

We even had our first visitors with kids – so at one point there were four kids nearly squashing my garlic! But it was lovely, to feel that we can now start showing people what we have done rather than feel guilty about not doing anything with the plot. Our friends who visited brought with them some baby tomato plants and we did a swap for some of my left over seed potatoes – see I  even barter these days. As the raised bed was all ready to plant I planted the tomato plants in raised bed number two and covered them with my pound shop cloche for added protection.

raised bed planted

Raised bed number two – starting to look a bit proper!

We ended up staying there the whole day – the kids had lunch and dinner there and I felt happy even though a tad jaded from the night before. It felt a little like it’s all coming together after months of bad weather and hard graft but I wouldn’t want to jinx it.


One Response to “Best day at the plot ever!”

  1. Gill April 21, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    Well done the Ridgewell-Ewings! It sounds lovely. Brydie and Dylan are learning garden speak nice and early! ‘Dibber’, ‘cloche’ etc. Of course I did too but it didn’t turn me into a gardener in later life as you know! Incidentally did you know that cloche can also be a hat! A homonym I think – ref our conversation the other day!! xx

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