I have a lodger

15 Apr

mouse nest

It seems I have a lodger in the shed we inherited from whoever had the plot before us. I walked in to see a moving body scurry away from my pink wellies and I let out a girly squeal, thank God no one was around to witness it. It looked like a fat mouse or a baby rat, I’m sticking with the fat mouse version as it makes me feel less scared. I cautiously took my wellies out to put them on, pulled out my allotment socks and lo – the little varmint had started turning them into its nest. Four new holes had been nibbled into the old socks and it had even started lining them with straw from an outside source as though my socks were not quite soft enough for its tastes.

garlic sprouting

Once I got over the shock I discovered there was both good and bad news on the allotment. First the bad news – bark chip does not fully suppress weeds. I tipped a load more onto fruit corner during my last visit and the weeds seem to have doubled. I may now have to demote bark chips from being my new best friend. Can I sue the garden centre where we bought them I wonder for trade misrepresentation? Or did I not read the small print which says first remove all weeds. Probably the latter. But the good news is my garlic is sprouting. I planted it when I thought spring had sprung in March, they have been snowed on three times since that fateful seasonal miscalculation. Garlic is nothing if not hardy I discover which is a pleasant surprise. There is something even my cack-handed gardening and the brutal British weather cannot kill off.

My potatoe patch

I had a lovely two hour visit today. after removing the straw from my socks and checking for further mice in the toes of my wellies I planted out my potatoes and then watered all plants I optimistically think might grow and then, really exciting, I planted some tomatoes and cucumber seeds and left them in my mini, pound shop propagator. This was all topped off by the most chilled out cup of tea I will have this week. I do however wonder how much of my socks will be left for the next time I visit.


2 Responses to “I have a lodger”

  1. Gill April 16, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    The hardiest of us will give a girly squeal at the sight of a mouse/rat! Could you not donate your socks to it for a nest? Its need might be greater than yours. I’m sure you can run to a new pair of gardening socks! XX

    • wifi allotment April 16, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

      Yes I am sure I will end up donating them to the mouse if she appears again!

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