Raised beds, the final chapter (for now)!

10 Apr

My husband has taken to the world of DIY as though he has always secretly dreamed of being a man about the house who tinkers and improves. All those years of being a slacker renter like me who appeared to not even know how to change a washer and who knew? Under his mellow urban surface was he secretly wishing he could buy many power tools and take on a project.

The house we bought last year is quite a project in itself. At first sorting the house out to make it liveable and mowing the lawn was all we could collectively manage (alongside holding down jobs, looking after toddlers and having the occasional moment that felt like a life). But now I can sense he is keen for new projects as though on moving out of London he has caught the bug that all the men in both our families seem to share, the you-can-never-have-enough-projects bug. I have to say I am also partial to this bug myself but I have been trying to wean myself off having too much on my plate since the kids came along.

The first half of his time off over Easter and the weather was conspiring against all things plot related but this week he has been playing catch up. I have been looking after the kids while he slips off to the plot. I think the fact being with two young kids twenty four seven with no exit labelled ‘work’ may have as much to do with his enthusiasm but he also really wanted to sort these raised beds out. And he has, he even took our son down there while he finished the job off after lunch. A few worms paid with their lives but by all accounts it was a pleasant outing and we now have two raised beds awaiting filling and planting and vegetable action!

2 raised beds

It’s a small, humble start towards allotment glory and it is most definitely all we can afford this year but I cannot wait to go there next week and get planting at last!


One Response to “Raised beds, the final chapter (for now)!”

  1. Gill April 11, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    Well done Ken and I have the seed potatoes from Arthur to get you started on vegetable glory!XX

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