Raised beds, chapter two

8 Apr

This was the day we were meant to have last Thursday. Glorious sunshine, warm temperatures, a real feel of spring having finally sprung. My mum had offered a second chance to go to the allotment without the kids and so this morning we tried to cram as much as we could into a near three hour visit. It is the best trip to the allotment I have ever had mainly because I did not shiver once and could feel my toes for the entirety of the trip. But also having the hubby there to chat to broke up the gardening monotony. I love the peace and the solitude of my Friday morning term time digs but this is the first time we have actually gone there together for any length of time and so it made a nice change to chat and drink tea with my partner in crime.

I pictured us as OAPs, retired, still tending our plots when the kids have hopefully grown up. It made me smile and think I am living in a cheerier Mike Leigh film.

In between tea and chat I planted my first two fruit bushes – a blueberry and a gooseberry. Once they were planted I continued Dutch hoeing the bed where I plan to plant potatoes. I got down on my hands and knees and pulled out any pesky remaining weeds, well some of them. Those buggers seem endless. I fill a whole plastic bag of weeds and try to spot the difference but it still looks as abundant with weeds as ever.

blueberry plant

gooseberry plant

Fruit bushes!

Ken meanwhile drilled and built the first of our raised beds. He meticulously weeded the little area within it, the temptation to cover it in compost and hope for the best was strong but luckily he is in charge of raised beds so maybe they will fair better than my botched attempts at growing shallots and garlic – currently surrounded by weeds. The end result was impressive and after a hasty lunch with my mum we headed back down there with the kids.

raised bed 1

Our first raised bed!

This was a historic day as we have sworn we wouldn’t risk taking the kids down there until the work has calmed down, less heavy digging more pleasant planting and watering to keep them (at 3 and 4 years old) entertained. But with the forecast for rain for the next three days it seemed a bit of a now or never (this holiday at least) situation. They sat on their blanket for a few minutes, enjoyed making mud pies, enjoyed bugging me before I sent them to bug Ken instead and then he sent them back to me and so it went for two hours. It was lovely and a real light at the end of the tunnel moment, soon they will come down regularly and soon things on the allotment will be ticking over. Perhaps I am deluding myself, in a way hopefully so because if that is the case I am not sure what I will have to write about!


One Response to “Raised beds, chapter two”

  1. Gill April 9, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    Oh – so glad you took the tots for the afternoon – especially so Brydie could see the beds! Well done Ken on your assembling skills. Bec – glad to hear you’re ready for potatoes now you’ve had the offer of spare seed potatoes from Arthur! XX

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