Too cold to dig!

22 Mar

I got my haircut yesterday for the first time in probably ten months. If I can avoid going to the hairdressers for a year at a time I do but I have noticed my hair is changing as I get older. It now goes a bit wild and frizzy and I am left pondering if my old low maintenance hair care ways will carry me through the (hopefully) second half of my life. Hair is not something I have ever thought about or spent a lot of time contemplating, I literally wash and go. I have never possessed straighteners or used products. OK, I admit, I am of a certain age and hail from Essex, so there were the perm years (two in total) in my early teens. This was followed in my students days by a certain indie craving for silly colours that required a layer of peroxide first. These pots of colour were purchased from alternative markets in Camden or Liverpool and were named Pillar Box Red or Lagoon Blue. I remember going to Strawberry Fayre in Cambridge, my hair freshly dyed pillar box red only for it to tip it down with rain leaving me, my clothes and my face streaked pink – not the look I was aiming for.

But since those days I have done very little to my hair bar get it cut once or occasionally twice a year. The reasons for this are mainly cost – when did it become OK to charge 50 quid for a bloody haircut? But also in equal measure I simply hate the whole experience, it drags me so far out of my comfort zone and not in a good way. Being surrounded by twenty year olds from Harlow with immaculate hair and bodies is trying enough but add to this the dreadful music, the inane chat, the endless waiting for it all to be over and you have right there my own version of hell. And I’m bloody paying fifty quid for it!

Yesterday the cut itself took about ten minutes. She then faffed with it for a further hour, the pully thing they do with a brush and a hair dryer wasn’t enough, she then had to get some straighteners and straighten my hair till it steamed.  The whole laborious hour and a half was spent with me staring grimly, slightly hungover at my own starting to go grey head of hair contemplating the future. I enviously saw men come and go as I sat through the whole long ordeal. I was driven by boredom to ask her about getting hair coloured at the hairdressers. I have only ever done DIY kits from Boots or Camden market so knew nothing of the sacrifice those brave women undertake when they get their hair coloured at the hairdressers.  She was selling me for a few seconds until I asked how long does it take and how often do you need to get it done. Her reply of about three hours and every six weeks made me shudder. I don’t want to spend any more of what precious time I have left on this planet sitting in hairdressers. I vowed there and then if I did start dying out the grey I will use henna.

The end result looked nice if very very flat. I still went to the allotment today determined something as girly as a new do would not quell my allotment lust. But once there it was so windy, my hands hurt, my eyes stung. I put a bit more tarpaulin here and there but without covering the entire plot there is only so much time you can spend on tarpaulin based projects so I excused myself for the day and came home to a hot cup of tea a little bit pleased my new hair is still in tact for another day.


One Response to “Too cold to dig!”

  1. Gill March 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Can’t wait to see the new hair tomorrow! You should come to our v nice hair dressers in BN. I’m only ever in there for 45 mins max (inc blow dry etc)and only pay £20 – mind you that is pensioner rate!! So probably you’d still be charged about £40? And also I haven’t noticed any grey in your hair btw. And hair or no hair I’m not surprised you didn’t stay at the allotment for long – it’s freezing – the wind is straight from the north pole I’m sure – and it was the first day of Spring yesterday! XX

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