The reappearance of Tony

8 Feb

I’m not referring to Tony Blair’s appearance on the Andrew Marr show earlier this week, wearing his saintly guise as middle east envoy, offering advice to any political leader who might listen. No. This week another Tony reappeared – my erstwhile, hard working plot-neighbour. I met Tony last summer and he gave me advice on how best to sort out the plot and made kind offers about taking his rotovator to my land. I have been waiting ever since – perhaps I could even partly blame Tony for my lack of graft over the last ten months – I always hoped deep down Tony would sort it.

Ten months on, the land is far from rotovated and I imagined our plot-neighbours may soon be filing complaints about our unruly patch. My brother-in-law joked that the offer of the rotovator only came about because I wore pink wellies and then, on spotting Ken working the same plot, it evaporated into the cabbage patches.

But this week up he popped again or more accurately, from his perspective, up we popped after being AWOL for ten months. He came over and asked how it was going, he reissued the offer of taking his rotovator to my land. He even remembered part of my plan is to plant fruit trees and advised me where best to buy them (Aldi apparently sell fruit trees for four quid – good tip if you have an Aldi nearby).

Tony has eighteen rods (no idea what that is in normal measurements – it just means he has four times as much land to dig than I do) and he’s been tending his plot for twenty years. He now refuses to dig, having gone halves on a rotovator with his next plot neighbour, another affable bloke who simply chuckles every time he sees me. Tony calls everyone mate and tells me I just need to stick at it and soon he will rotovate my land for me.

I hope it happens but this time it didn’t make me throw my fork down and passively wait for assistance. I said that would be great, if you get the time and carried on digging.


2 Responses to “The reappearance of Tony”

  1. Gill March 12, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    I read this piece when I was in the baking heat of Perth and didn’t have time to comment! Tony sounds a great character – I think you’re right not to rely on his promise of rotovating. I love the measurement ‘rod’ – very medieval – makes me think of the feudal strip system of farming I learnt about at school! At least you can leave your allotment without getting permission from the lord of the manor! XX

    • wifi allotment March 13, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

      Yes I think waiting for someone else to rotovate the land goes against the whole ethos of self sufficiency!

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