Return to the plot

1 Feb

So obviously setting up an optimistic blog four months ago did nothing to spur us on. We are still hapless allotment keepers, miraculously we have not yet (touch wood) been evicted. A couple of things have spurred me into action – the council contacted me to renew the plot. It reminded me of its existence. The last time I had been aware of its existence was way back in September 2012 when we made a drunken pledge to tend it every weekend. Not sure quite what got in the way – life, kids, work, the fact our house is a massive project in itself, one that seems to continually suck time, money and energy from us. So fast forward four months and I get a contract renewal email from the council with the stark message in bold uncultivated plots will be due for eviction. That was the first catalysis. It made me write allotment on every Friday and Saturday in my new 2013 diary to give me a visual reminder each week, as though to say: This thing exists, this thing needs your time. Then it snowed. So my first two weeks of optimistically allocated allotment time went out the window straight away. Then last week we watched a mind numbingly awful TV programme called ‘Allotment Wars’ about a load of competition obsessed nutters who poisoned each others water butts. This didn’t really speak to me but there was one normal bloke on it who had done two months of back breaking work (so far we have clocked up five hours max!) and then he took off two weeks (we have been absent for months at a time) and he got evicted. It was like a clarion call to me to sort my shit out: use this plot or lose it. So on Sunday Ken headed down there to inspect. He pulled up weeds until it turned dark. Then today in the rain, it was my turn. My three hours without my youngest child are so precious. I get home, switch on my laptop, write, drink tea, pretend I have a bit of sanity in my life. To leave that and trudge down to a rainy overgrown untended allotment plot was an arduous test of will power. And will power has never been one of my strengths. But today I went. It is the first time I have gone there and actually done some work. The first twenty minutes I just looked and looked and said shit, a lot. No idea where to even start. Then I picked up a fork and started in a corner, an hour later, it is but a drop in the ocean to all the digging we need to do but I can at least say, today I made a start.

2013-02-01 09.44.222013-02-01 10.54.07

              Before!                                                        One hour later!


3 Responses to “Return to the plot”

  1. Amy Vickers February 1, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Yay you made it, to the allotment and to Blogland, well done. I look forward to seeing more updates – or will the next post be: ‘lost the plot’? 😉 x

  2. Gill February 1, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    Oh Becky I love your blog and shall love following it! I do hope to actually visit your allotment one day though I won’t be volunteering to work on it – as you know I don’t garden! But I could look after the tots while you work sometimes! I am now following 2 blogs – yours and Jen’s – who’d have thought it!

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